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T H E B U S I N E S S N E W S P A P E R F O R H O M E M E D I C A L E Q U I P M E N T P R O V I D E R S HME NEWS POLL ■ CMS has called for a new way to categorize DME, says Peg Graham a longtime advocate for innovation. See page 6. ■ Product Spotlight: Check out the latest in complex rehab technology, including the Invacare TDX SP2 Power Wheelchair. See page 16. ■ Are you attending Medtrade Spring? See results on page 22. Non-participating: HME's new normal Market buzzes in advance of gap The Upside Find out what Permobil's Joe Kelly and Tony Forgione had to say about working with Bryan Cranston on "The Upside" and why it's an impor- tant movie. See Q&A on page 20. WHEELS IN MOTION FOR NEW CERTIFICATE Changes ahead for MED Group N E W S ■ Stakeholders push to advance templates. PAGE 3 ■ Courts ping pong on recoupments. PAGE 3 ■ Minnesota proposes 'claw back.' PAGE 4 D E PA RT M E N T S PROVIDERS ■ Providers adjust businesses in cold snap. PAGE 10 ■ Health wearables have limits. PAGE 10 MOBILITY ■ Numotion standardizes outcomes. PAGE 12 ■ VMI picks up pace. PAGE 12 RX & SPECIALTY PROVIDERS ■ makes sleep therapy affordable. PAGE 14 ■ One Drop eases management. PAGE 15 VENDORS ■ ResMed: Masks overshadow devices. PAGE 20 ■ Quantum Rehab shines spotlight on iLevel users. PAGE 20 W W W . H M E N E W S . C O M ÔAlways have been and always will be non-parÕ VOLUME 25 — NUMBER 3 MARCH 2019 $7.00 M A R K E T B U Z Z S E E PA G E 1 8 M&A BY LIZ BEAULIEU, Editor I T TURNS out a good chunk of the respon- dents to a recent HME Newspoll didn't change their enrollment status by a Dec. 31 deadline because they're already non- participating. Industry stakeholders had been encour- aging providers to enroll as non-participat- ing providers so they can take assignment on a claim-by-claim basis. "Always have been and always will be non-par," wrote Sarah Cotner, a provider in Kokomo, Ind. "I want to be able to offer my patient the option of 'good, better, best.' If they want 'good,' we will accept assign- ment. If they want 'better' or 'best,' we will bill non-assigned, so they can at least get reimbursed the allowed amount." Sixty-six percent of the respondents who said they didn't change their enroll- ment status for 2019 said they were non-participating. BY LIZ BEAULIEU, Editor LUBBOCK, Texas – NRRTS is in the beginning stages of developing a new certifi cate program specifi - cally for complex rehab suppliers. More than a dozen stakehold- ers had a teleconference in Janu- ary to start mapping out a blue- print for the certifi cate, says Wee- sie Walker, executive director of BY LIZ BEAULIEU, Editor FLORHAM PARK, N.J.– Managed Health Care Associates is moving opera- tions for The MED Group to its corporate headquarters, closing the Lubbock, Texas, offi ce. The offi ce is no longer needed now that MHA plans to manage MED's payer network and GPO businesses in Florham Park, N.J., MED says in a Jan. 17 letter to members. "The business will continue to operate as MED Group under the MED Group brand," said Michael Sicilian, president of MHA, which bought MED in 2011, in a state- ment to HME News. "That includes the GPO and payer network." BY THERESA FLAHERTY, Managing Editor YARMOUTH, Maine – A flurry of M&A deals closed in the fourth quarter of 2018, mak- ing it one of the busiest quarters in the past sev- eral years, say analysts. A big rea- son for that: CMS's deci- sion to pause competitive bidding for two years while it makes substan- tive changes to the program. "Volume is up, inquiries are up," said Don Davis, pres- ident of Duckridge Advisors. "There's a lull from Medicare (in competitive bidding) and MED also plans to "wind down" MED Professional Services, accord- ing to the letter to members. MED launched MED Professional Ser- vices as a separate entity last year to offer complex rehab, sleep and HME providers services related to payer and clinical networks, cre- dentialing and clinical education, and marketing. "Market conditions" no longer support MED Professional Servic- es and non-payer network services, the letter says. Additionally, MED has told state and regional HME associa- tions that it would not be renew- ing its membership agreements with them for 2019, according to a number of those associations. In a Jan. 17 letter to one state associa- tion, MED said it would forward their information to MHA "for their use in contacting you to join the membership if so appli- cable in the future." MHA has sent subsequent let- ters to the associations, introducing them to the appropriate person at MHA to send information about memberships, company officials say. "MED Group has not pulled sup- port from state associations," Sicil- ian said in the statement. HME NRRTS. " T h i s w i l l , hopefully, help to create a gate- way for people to get into this fi eld," she said. "A lot of people don't even know this fi eld exists, or if they know, they don't know how to get started in it. This will be a way for them to get the pre- liminary information that they need to work in the fi eld." NRRTS has also contracted with an instructional designer to oversee the process. The complex rehab indus- try isn't lacking credentials or certifi cations—there's the CRTS Michele Gunn N O N - PA R T I C I PAT I N G S E E PA G E 4 C E R T I F I C AT E S E E PA G E 2 1 Don Davis M E D T R A D E ■ Don't allow Amazon to scare you, says VGM's Maria Markusen. Retail is the perfect opportunity for HME providers to beat Amazon with product knowledge. PAGE 18

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